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MondayIt’s Monday!  I am sure you already know that but just incase for some reason your day is off and you thought it was another day, nope, it’s Monday!

Normally, I am not ready for Monday but this Monday I am.  It’s a new month, a new day, a new well, nothing else new but still….

I have made my goals for the week, which is to drink my water, watch the carb intake and work out.  I have to commit 20 minutes at least 3 times or more this week to some sort of exercise.

I am sick of fearing to move (which don’t get me wrong I do) but I can’t wait for the wrong thing to happen and I die….

Because well, I don’t expect to die and if I did which one day I will (because, ya know we all do!) then it was just my time.  I can’t live in fear to do daily things and that includes fitness.

I need to be able to move just as much as I need to be able to become smaller.

So to my surprise on Saturday it seems my hemotologist appointment has been moved up.  It was supposed to be December 27th they moved it to November 27 guess because of the Christmas holiday?  Who knows.  I am so used to my appointments being pushed back it’s nice to have that’s moving forward!

I don’t expect much from the appointments but just knowing that I have a doctor to talk to about a concern is nice.  And sooner vs thelatter is better, because I have questions!  So that’s that… Happy Monday ya’ll 🙂