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First, sorry for the delay of this post, Friday I was super busy.  I will try to devote more time posting I just had to catch up on work last week 🙂 So on Friday was my INR day.  Last time I went they surprised me with their new rule of weighing us at every visit, oh what fun.  This time the new thing was nice little wrist bands like what you get when you go the hospital??? I don’t get the importance of this at all but whatever…

So I got my little wrist band, weighed (which the lady apparently couldn’t read the scale because she said the wrong weight), blood pressure (which was 112/80 btw), then I was off to get my finger pricked!  Went back to the waiting room while, Makayla once again got someone to give her food (or in this case a sucker).  She does this EVERYTIME we are out, well just about! lol….

Results were I have lost .2lbs since last weigh in (hey I will take it lol), and the INR was a 4 yikes! For those who don’t know a 4 is too high.  So we adjusted the meds and that was that…. ugh.