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keep breathingI was happy when I realized yesterday that the annoying feeling in my chest when I did the smallest about of something was gone!  After a week on antibiotics I don’t get out of breath like I was!  Who knew (apparently not the doctors in the ER)!

So, I am moving forward, as long as I can breathe, I will do as I planned, get my gym membership, work my ass off and I will figure out this weight thing, with our with out the team of doctors!

And today is Derricks and My 5 yr anniversary that we have been together!  I am so glad I have met him, I am glad to have our daughter and glad for my past that has brought me my children and my new life I have now 🙂

Sometimes, we don’t always see it but there is a reason for everything.  Just keep breathing and Keep living.  One day it will all make sense.