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Crash & Burn.geez, so as most of you know I have been attempting to watch my carbs. I don’t consider really what I do as low carb but I would say if anything a carb reduction.  I thought though, I wanna feel “normal”.  I wanna eat all the easy convince foods I have grown to love.  I will just eat smaller portions.

Crash, and freaking burn.  Didn’t help that I had the crap in my house.  BUT lets just say by dinner I felt STARVING, and well I will spare you on the food porn.  Not to mention my feet were so swollen.  This was actually BEFORE the carb binge just more carbs than I typically eat (which again is usually under a 100 grams).

So today I decided it is what it is.  Just like a diabetic can’t have a ton of carbs and sugar neither can I.  So, miles well treat myself as if I were diabetic (which I am not).  So today I have been eating my protein and a small amount of carbs and not only is my calories in check so far so is my hunger.  I will have to let you know if there is any crashing and burning tonight…. Why can’t weight loss just be simple?  Seems it should be but Lord it isn’t!