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Sorry, Wizard of Oz popped into my head.  So last night I decided enough is enough I need to make sure everything is A – Okay and get this breathing thing checked out to make sure it’s “normal” or at least my new normal.

I started out at a clinic, I called my PCP yesterday they said they accept X amount of walk in’s in the morning, she told me to come no later than 7:15, yeah well either she was plain stupid, didn’t know OR was messing with me.  I get there 20 til 7 to find like 50 plus people waiting. I KNEW it!  I even asked shouldn’t I come earlier.  Stupid me, I listened to her!

So now…. Now, I was told to go to the Urgent care in the ER, which this means a full day at the ER.  Only good thing, having clots and breathing issues going in it kind of gives you priority.  BUT believe me the wait will most likely be all day.  It will depend greatly on what tests they run and if they will ship me to the ER.  Which, last time that’s exactly what they did the second they heard breathing problems and clot!

So I ate, made myself a pack lunch we are just now waiting for traffic to die down and off I go.  I am having D just drop me off that way he can have the van incase I am there all day OR something.  Sucks, because I need to take Christopher to the ped too, he went on Friday and they said he had tonsilitis and it’s day 4 with antibiotics and he is still running a fever.  The nurse on Friday left it open on the school note for the date he goes back but I would feel better if he was seen again.

Hopefully, I will get out early enough to take him.  At least he can eat now so I guess that’s improvement?  Anyways, Happy Tuesday!