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I am back from the ER with no, zero, zip, nana, not one answer other than it’s not an infection.  Okay so I got one answer…. Not exactly the answer I went in for.  To be honest, I was pretty certain it wasn’t an infection.  An infection would be too easy… I… don’t get easy…..

At least not this past year I don’t.  I went in guarded with my bag of goodies,  a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread, grapes, carrots and my diet dr.pepper.  I refused to starve this time at the hospital like the last couple of times I have went!

I got there at 9:30am.  I went through the clinic part because it can be faster (maybe this is my problem looking for the fast route?), I was seen right away.  Anytime you mention PE and shortness of breath it get’s people’s attention!

Because I do have a previous PE they didn’t want me in the lobby with other sick people.  My blood pressure was a little higher than normal 140/100 normal it’s like 120/80 something… Nerves maybe? Everything was okay, I explained how I can breathe it just feels limited.  I normally didn’t worry about this before since the PE except this was new.  Everything I read on my papers they gave me is if it’s new get seen.

I have put this off for a few weeks now for two reasons.  1. because I thought it would just get better and 2.  I feared getting told it was nothing.  Let me make you feel like your chest is going to cave when you jump into bed and see how “nothing” that feels?  I knew going this morning could go a few ways. I armed myself for it (or so I thought).

So I meet the doctor, right away I notice this is the fool who took me off of lovenox too early resorting in more PE’s.  Great!  However,I figured if it was anything like the time before last they would probably just send me to the ER portion and I would be done.

Well, that’s not exactly what happened.  First they do the EKG which I knew would be fine, it normally is.  He looked at my feet, noted the swelling said EXACTLY what I knew he would that it’s not a concern until it’s pitting (ya know because we like to wait until the shit has hit the fan before we take charge in anything these days).  After this they send me for Xrays.

I had already at this point decided in my head what questions to ask if they tell me there is fluid and that I have pneumonia.  I get my xrays and after words the young man tells me to sit outside in the waiting room and wait for the clinic to come back and get me.  An hour passes and nothing.  So I go up to the front desk and asked if someone was coming.  Long story short no one let them know so I was sitting there for nothing!

I get to the clinic (I just walked there by this point) and they tell me how sorry they were the clinic forgot about me (not them the place I had the xrays done) and that the xrays were normal.  Doc says to try an inhaler and says he doesn’t know why I have shortness of breath.  As always they say to come back if it doesn’t get better.

As the nurse walked out I tried to hide my tears but I couldn’t.  Once again no answers.  I was so upset, I don’t want to be sick but I know I’m not crazy either.  I thought could this just be my new normal, not being able to do daily activities with out feeling like I just ran a mile?  Because I am walking in and seeming fine I must be fine (mind you I walked right into the ER breathing okay just a bit of tightness here and there when we found the PE).

I called D to pick me up and I left!  When I got home I got everything ready to then take my son to the doctor.  He has been sick since last week and wasn’t getting much better.  I called the Peds office and they wanted to see him.  So off we went.  Come to find out he shows now positive for strep.  Come to also find out MY issues could be strep related!  Who knew?  Not me!  They gave me some extra antibiotics and I am going to see if they help.  I figure I have nothing to lose at this point.  If the antibiotics work I will know I had an infection somewhere if it doesn’t well worse case I suck it up and go to a good ER even if it means a nice big bill right along with it.

So that’s my update!  It’s been a LONG day!