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You know the drill… You do great all week.  You ate exactly how you should, worked out like you are supposed to even patted yourself on the back when turning down the cookies your co-workers brought to work.

You suffered with your salads for lunch, and small portions all week and then when the weekend comes it’s like all bets are off!

What is up with that!!! Why is it we will do so great all week and then the weekend comes and it’s as if there are no more rules when it comes to food and nutrition?  It’s like you have now shot yourself in the foot with all the work you did ALL week to just screw it all in TWO days.

This, this is me!  I am the one that can eat excellent all week long and then the weekend comes and I am ready to do and eat how I please.  By all means I mean I “deserve it” I have done well… I always think by the next weigh in how much more I could have lost if I didn’t have half the crap I consumed the previous weekend.

Each time there is an excuse right along with it.  This weekend was two things payday (what you always have to do something on pay day lol) and Derricks birthday party.  Which included not the best of foods and well alcohol.  I should have just done shots at least that was low carb hahaha!

Anyways, either way what’s done is done.  I did however, get a new scale last night (boy did this weekend cause some fluid retention) but like I knew my old scale was about 4lbs off.  I was going to take a photo for you of the outfit I got this weekend to only find that uh, our computer right now is ran on Linux and D is going to have to program it to recognize my memory card.  Sigh…. If it’s not one thing it’s something else lol.  If anything I guess I could try a pic with my phone which will be super crappy quality!

Tis life.  Hope everyone has a great week 🙂 tata for now.