So far so good… It seems my motivation has returned (well, hello, motivation) I hope it stays around this time.  I decided that even if I do lose a pound a week and this takes me three years then so be it.  It will be pounds gone and that’s what matters.

This is my journey and while it’s hard not to compare it to others I just can’t.  I am not like a lot of other people on this journey.  I am not going to lose weight like “they do” and I am not going to be as successful as “they are” the way “they are”.  But that’s okay because this is for ME anyways.

I plan on getting my scale this weekend to replace the old one but I have told myself that I can only weigh ONCE a week (unless there is a reason to otherwise).  I have been watching my carbs all weekend and starting to already feel better, which is AWESOME in my book!

I am excited.  I am not looking forward to all the cooking but that’s okay.  I know I said I was going to take pictures of my shopping trip, but I ended up putting up everything and then remembered what I promised, besides, I still have no batteries! blah.

I do get paid on friday so the pictures should return.  So Happy Monday readers 🙂