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Yeah, it’s a repeat, I think weight loss is kind of like washing your hair, wash, rinse and repeat. Sometimes you just work, stop, and work again it’s just the cycle of things. This week still won’t be all the best food choices funds were a bit low but I am working on fixing that problem next month so I won’t have that lovely excuse! Friday will be shopping day so looking forward to some good food.

I just have to do this, because not only am I bring myself down but I was brining D down too. And well, we as a couple will be more successful with his journey if we are both in it to win it 😉

So gym memberships…. For the first time in my life I started wondering will I be too big for the machines??? Never in my life have I had this questions (because never in my life have I been this big) but it came up when we were looking for elliptical’s to buy and I am about 10lbs over the max weight range for the machine. OMG talk about want to curl up in a box and DIE!!! ugh, that sucks monkey butt…. (excuse the lude humor). But really ugh, do you know how embarrassing it is to ask am I too fat for this?

So now I won’t lie, I have a bit of an anxiety on getting the gym membership. I, by all means, would like to NOT be the new viral youtube video if you get what I mean…. I shall not let this stop me but it’s just another thing that being overweight gets ya, even weight loss machines can’t always help ya! ugh.

All in all though, mentally, I am doing better. Stupid hormones. I hope to save enough to go to the doctor soon to hopefully get more answers. I was going to just go but realised all the testing that might be needed and follow ups I need a bit more saved before taking the plunge. Fun fun….. Who knows maybe I will get an appointment with my other doctor in the mean time (though, I will not be holding my breath on that one!).

Oh and I do want to make a formal shout out to say Happy Birthday to my lovely man D 🙂 He is one year older woot woot. I am baking him a cake tonight (what? don’t judge) so excited. 🙂