I didn’t realize until today it’s been a week since my last post. With the new job I am so busy during the day I am trying to juggle everything right now and well wasn’t doing the best with the new transition. The job has been a bit stressful, I mean I am thankful for it but boy is it hard to work from home sometimes espeically with a 1 yr old walking around. All in all I think it’s going okay.

So Friday Morning I found out why my moods were just SOOOO crazy these past couple weeks. I mean it was to the point even D was asking what the heck was wrong with me. I didn’t even know myself. I knew I was stressed and such but man this was a rough feeling to shake this time until the day before AF showed and I felt normal again. I was like WTF and then AF arriaved and then I was like ah, yeah, makes sense now. Stupid AF and Fing with my hormones. Being a girl so can suck sometimes!

Our computer we got recently to get us through until we could get something better crapped out on me last week, so this weekend we finally got something else, but it’s not new either. However, it does work MUCH better then the other one did so I think that’s awesome. Hopefully in the next couple of months we will get the brand new computer :). I got a new shirt last week, but my batteries on my camera are dead and I have to get some more today. SO tomorrow I will try to take a pic for you.

Not much to say on the weight loss side of things. D and I had a talk yesterday about it, how his weight has gone up a bit and we finally noticed that his weight was affected when I kind of had a give up moment. For the health of both of us we both started logging in our food like normal on myfitnesspal. I haven’t gotten a new scale and still debating on that one. The current one for a fact we now know IS off we put a weight on it and it was like 3lbs off, the other day it read 30lbs off when D weighed in so lol yeah…. It’s soooo a goner! I think that stupid scale is apart of what started this mess to begin with because before that scale I was losing at least One pound a week. I got that darn scale and I stopped. Maybe the scale was just dumb from the beginning? lol

Either way…. I’m still here… Just wanted to check in. Hopefully I can start posting some kind of progress soon.