So as most of you know I found out that I suffered from a Pulmonary Embolism back in January of this year if you like you can read about my experience.

About 4 months after the PE I started feeling like myself until just recently.  I have noticed shortness of breath again doing little things.  Like uh, crawling into bed and I have to take deep breaths and my heart feels like it’s about to pound out of my chest.

I tend to think in my mind, maybe it’s the weight, but at the same time I have been carrying this weight for a while now and haven’t had this issue (though I am sure it doesn’t help), then I thought maybe I’m just getting sick? I mean everyone else in the house is.  But it keeps happening and I can help but to feel back to the day we found out about the PE.

The thing is, I am ON the treatment already for it.  So honestly, there isn’t much any hospital can do if I were to get another clot.  So I am always left confused on if I should act or not, and what to really do.  My clinic I got to test my INR would just tell me to go to the ER, which totally sucks because it seems like a total waste of my day because it’s a day event (I am not speaking light here either, last time I was there for over 24 hrs).

So I don’t want to go unless I NEED to ya know?  But at the same time the loss of breath is a bit unsettling, that and the pounding heart.  It feels like my heart is struggling to work 😦 I just flat-out hate it.  I hate all of it, I hate that I am TIRED now all the time, I was fine, and now the past several weeks I’m not and it sucks.

And now…. Now I the breathing issues all over again with really nothing anyone can probably do but tell you it’s just apart of it (sometimes you can damage your tissue causing issues with breathing).  But my thoughts are if that’s the case wouldn’t I of continued to have the breathing issues???? ugh… I am so torn.

Why can’t it be simple?  Stupid PE… YOU SUCK!