So as promised my new shirt and a pic, I decided to make my “starting” pick in my new shirt 🙂

It’s amazing how just something so simple as a new shirt can make you feel good :).  Since having Makayla I wear still a lot of my maternity shirts because of my stomach is much worse than ever before.  Between the fluid issues and pregnancy it did a toll on my body 😦

However, I am pushing forward.  Since I will not be weighing in for a while, I have to base everything off of photo’s and clothes.  So today I have on a pair of Jeans size 24 and a Shirt that is 22/24.  My first goal is to get to a 20 🙂 Which right now the pants I am wearing fit “just right” lol

I hope everyone is enjoying their week, I know I am 🙂 and as always until tomorrow 😉