So I was fully intending to buy a new scale this weekend and to my surprise Derrick requested that we wait.  To just not buy one AND to just not have one at all.  We found that we go nuts when the scale doesn’t tell us what we want it to say, and we know full and well so many factors will affect those numbers.

In D’s case he is losing weight, his pants are getting smaller but the scale wasn’t showing much change.  This really annoyed him, it depressed him and made him flat-out mad.  To the point I was catching him weighing in several times a day.

We both at one point were becoming obsessed with a number.  This IMO was just a NO go and just NO good.  We have to learn to be happy with our bodies and accept that there will be fluctuations and at the end it’s not about that stupid number anyways, but how we will.

Will we ever weigh in again? Yes, I know we will.  However, I don’t want this journey to be the main focus.  We all know there are many ways to track weight loss success with out just that number.  Like photo’s and pant size. So that’s what I plan to do.

I plan to take a photo tomorrow of me in an outfit, and as that ONE outfit gets bigger I will post those photo’s.  My challenge to myself is to not weigh in (unless at a doctors of course) until I have went down at least one pant size.  OR my pants are noticeably big.  I want this journey to be focused on my HEATH not the numbers.

I don’t care if I end this journey at a 100lbs lost BUT I am healthier then I have ever been even though that’s not even the “goal weight”.  Being health doesn’t always mean skinny.  Skinny people are unhealthy all.the.time. So that’s that.  I will still be tracking my foods, and working out I just am not going to obsess over a number!

So the goal I have made for this week (I will be posting weekly goals).  To eat 90% of good choices, To work out 3-4 times this week and to stop being so stinking hard on myself 🙂 Oh and I also made a pat this week that every pay-day I am to buy an article of clothing I love and this weekend I did.  I bought a shirt, and I LOVE it (I will show you tomorrow 🙂 ).  I encourage each and every one of you to find something that makes you happy each week that makes you feel good about yourself too 🙂