So I wanted some pasta today but of course since I am watching my carbs and well it typically makes me feel like crap, I decided to make Zucchini “pasta” instead.   I knew I wanted some chicken too and thought what about some turkey bacon (My newest obsession!) I can’t do regular bacon well because it upsets my stomach but turkey bacon doesn’t 🙂 And it’s less calories 😉

So the first think I started was the turkey bacon!


Then I got together my chicken, garlic and butter


Saute’ some garlic


Then I threw in my chicken and them some portabella mushrooms


Now, it was time to add the zucchini 🙂


Then the turkey bacon and black olives


The best part, the cream cheese cooking cream 🙂 YUM


I put in about 2 heeping table spoons and mixed it all together and turned off the burner.


Put some cherrie tomatoes on the side and lunch is served!


Happy Monday Everyone 🙂