We suspected our scale was wonky for a while, I even got another scale of a different brand to test but then we just didn’t know which scale was right (both did have different readings).

Well now I know this sucker is off lol…. It had D gain like 8lbs in one day lol I was 10lbs up one day to belike 5 the next.  It also had M up 3lbs and for a baby that’s ALOT lmbo… After weighing the family to see if it was us or the scale… We have come to the conclusion it’s probably the stupid scale (I even replaced the batteries mind you that made me 2lbs heavier lol).

D was getting so angry because the scale wasn’t doing much for him, but I kept telling him how he was fitting in clothes he didn’t wear before because they were too tight.  So now mystery I think is solved (I hope lol).  Next week we are off to buy a new scale and hopefully an accurate one.  shesh…

Today is grocery shopping day so look out for what I bought tomorrow 😉