Boy did weigh in Friday bite me in the butt… I gained 2lbs, that’s 2lbs more than yesterday so I know it’s something.  Going by my calendar AF is to arrive on Sunday my guess, that is it!  So I am not upset.  I know the past week wasn’t my best but I also know it wasn’t enough to warrant a 2lb gain especially over night lol.  So for that I am okay with it.  Still wanted to shoot the scale and had a few not so nice words for it this morning….

I went to have my INR tested and boy did that shoot up.  I know most of you don’t know what an INR is and such and what the levels mean, mine yesterday was a 5 btw.  This is bad!  Basically, the INR tests how fast my blood clots to make sure it’s clotting the way it should (you blood should clot) The basic scale is like 1-5 (it can be hire or lower) if it’s low that means your blood is clotting really fast, this isn’t good because it can cause clots in your body.  2-3 is where you want to be this means it clots the way it should and above a 3 means it’s too thin and you are now at risk for bleeding internally.  So this is why it has to be checked a lot. Especially if your numbers don’t stay in the 2-3 range.

Mine, never hardly does…. So we adjusted the dose and I go back in two weeks…..

I am hoping to check into the health insurance next week to apply and be denied I am sure, once all that is in process then I can start the process for the insurance I was talking about.  Wa-hoo.  This makes me very happy and hopefully worth every penny!  🙂 Anyways, that’s about it Happy Friday to everyone and enjoy your holiday weekend 🙂