I finally did it!  I finally started back walking. Took the kids going back to school to really make it happen but hey I am walking and that’s all that matters.  AND I feel great!

I forgot how good you feel afterwords!  I really love walking in the mornings.  It’s usually so nice, but boy was I sweating!  I am sure I will feel it tomorrow… Sigh….

I also have some idea’s coming up next month, I don’t want to spoil them but I am excited about them. It’s nothing big or anything BUT it’s something that I have been wanting to blog for a while now.

Food wise hasn’t been the greatest OR the worst. I always hate the last week of the month because I am always typically low on food.  I have a bad habit of spending more than I can in the beginning of the month OR something happens towards the end to where it’s just tight.  I am typically almost bone dry this time of the month.

What amazes me is what all I come up with though during this time lol.  Either way as long as the scale doesn’t go up I am fine.  We will know for sure on Friday.  I have to go tonight for some more training, the new job seems to be working out okay and I am making fewer mistakes so that’s good 🙂 I am happy about that!

All in all it’s a decent but busy week :).  I am just glad to be back on board with everything.  I hope all of you are doing awesome and don’t forget your work out today! Your body will love you for it!