Well it’s Monday which means for the most of us back to work.  I will say that I am lucky my work is at home.  While at times it’s challenging with M overall it’s quite nice!

So today was the older kids 1st Day Back To School!!!  Everyone was prepped and ready bright dark and early.  We had a long morning but we made it through.  Here in a bit I will be picking them up to see just how their first day back went!

Personally, I am glad those days are behind me but it’s so interesting when you walk the journey with your children.  My oldest is entering Middle School this year!!! I am so proud of her and think she will do great!

This weekend went well, we went to the birthday party this weekend, had some pizza and some more pizza on Sunday lol I decided my weekends are my weekends and if it affects weight loss then I will not eat how I please BUT If I start/continue to lose then I shall have my days! lol

I am trying to stop obsessing over the scales, I don’t even count anything any more either.  I know how to make good choices.  I don’t want to become obsessive over numbers.  I mean they do mean something to me but boy does it get frustrating when you have everything in nice little box, it’s all perfect and yet you still are not getting the results you want!

Because I have been doing this all I have a general idea now what I eat anyways, that’s the beauty of it.  So anyways, we shall see what Friday brings 🙂