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Well I am already starting to feel better since I have started eating better again.  My tummy is also thanking me too, it wasn’t handling how I was eating very well.  I use to think I had IBS but every time I eat less processed foods I feel better and don’t have those issues.

I emailed my old doctor.  Someone told me she does affordable payment options for cash patients so I gave her an update email of what’s going on to get a jest if that might be an option for me.  She is so wonderful, she bases things off of how you feel instead of just the numbers, she has a nutritionist and a personal trainer on staff.

I told D that even though we are paying out-of-pocket it will be worth it in the long run and he agree’s.  After thinking of what I would probably have to pay for insurance it almost seems cheaper anyways.  (I was told the appointments are about 75) I will confirm.  In the mean time we are looking into options of getting on his insurance at work which means we will get married earlier (which also would mean no wedding).  I have accepted my fate that I will never have a wedding… sigh…. So much for being a princess….

Either way there is just more important things I have to take care of that trumps a day in a big poofy dress!  So all in all things are good.  I will weigh in on Friday.  So far I have been ranging about what I was back in July 280 range.  Even with all the eating I didn’t hardly gain at all (I guess I can’t complain there!) which means my thyroid IS doing at least something.

I also found out my ENT appointment was moved from September to JANUARY!!!! ugh that will be an 8 month wait to find out why I am going deaf in my right ear (I was already partially deaf and it’s getting worse after I was told I should lose any more hearing!).  This again is hence why we are seeking actual insurance because this waiting crap is for the birds.  I am sick of waiting for doctors.  overtime I try something horrible happens and each time it’s something a little worse.

I am my advocate and that’s just how it is, still doesn’t make this journey any less annoying at times.  I so wish soon I can finally start moving forward.  In the mean time I have been getting lots of great suggestions for some meal ideas from here, my personal FB and my FB weight loss page so that’s AWESOME!  I have to wait until next month to do anything (I already bought my groceries for the two weeks) BUT it’s nice start to next month to look forward too.  I always get excited trying a yummy new recipe someone has already approved 🙂