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I say that in the tune of the song “I want candy” now, is that song in your head?  Good mission accomplished… j/k.

So D and I are doing the Dave Ramsey Plan.  We want to work our budget, get our debt taken care of so we can buy a house in a few years AND to also be taken care of.  We have just become sick and tired of always barely getting by.

Hence, why I got a job at his job working from home.  Today however, was a bit stressful so I did just the minimum time required.  While there are a lot of perks working from home, I will say one of the down falls is you don’t have a way to instantly talk to someone when you have a question and with this job I always have a TON of questions!

Not to mention as of this afternoon we are on our own… Not fully but basically our work will not be rechecked (I work in insurance processing)…

Anyways, so since PMS is working it’s rounds I want crap food, and a ton of it however, as I mentioned earlier about Dave Ramsey I have learned that sometimes us adults act just like children.

I have decided that when we grow up we never really stop being children we just learn a little better how to deal with stuff.  In my case it’s food.  One of my excuses I have had is I am grown I can do what I want!  So mature right?

You know what though, I AM a grown up which means I can learn self-control.  I don’t have to listen to that kid voice saying but you know you want it.  That kid needs a spanking and needs to shut the heck up!  That kid has had PLENTY of candy and honestly, even when it does get something yummy it doesn’t need to get so much of it that it wants to go into a coma!

I have to decide who I am doing this for.  I am doing this for myself.  I can honestly say it’s for me and no one else.  While my family is always a factor this in all tense of purpose is for ME.  I want to feel better and look better!  My family will always love me and I know that no matter my size.  I want to love the outside as much as the in!

So yeah that voice is saying I want chocolate and it’s not to say I won’t allow some from time to time it’s just now is not the time.  Kind of like when you are growing up and momma says you get no desert before you finish your dinner!  I don’t need any sweets until I really can get back into control of things.  🙂