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Boy, I will tell you once you jump off that bandwagon it can be hard to jump right back on it!  I haven’t done horribly I know, but I feel like I can do better with this whole process and defiantly feel like I should be moving!

But oh, getting myself up and forcing myself to do these things…. This is why a few months ago I was not all oh, thank you to all those who said they were inspired by my 4 mile walks because I knew I only walked those 4 miles because I had to….

Funny how I will walk 4 miles to take my kids to school to save gas but I don’t for my health which I am sure would probably save money too! (okay it wouldn’t because I would buy more clothes!) but you get the point!

I have noticed that even logging my foods in my fitness pal was once again a challenge.  While I battle daily on how I really should do this whole thing food wise it really comes down to being lazy and just not wanting to take the time to fill the stuff out.

Or I give myself excuses like oh well, I had pizza, chips, dip no need to count now…. So silly and really no excuse for it.  If I want to be serious about this whole process I have to eat well 99% of the time.

I know I can’t do a super strict diet right now because it will just fail.  But I think eating mostly good things is a great start.  I can’t get upset (though it’s hard not too) when the numbers don’t do what I want.  I am not a typical case, something is off in my body, hormones or what have you this is why I am doing this to find out WHAT and how to fix it!

Getting upset just makes the process worse and longer for many reasons including it allows doctors to use food as an excuse.  Which would be fine if it was in fact just food but it’s not!  I know that but they don’t.  So it’s up to me to show them that.

Apart of me really is praying my thyroid is just still low.  If it’s low then it very well maybe the answer which means a VERY slow weight loss process but at least it’s “just the thyroid” that in time with the right dosage I hope should work.

But if those numbers are good…. then what?  I have to remind myself to just stay in the present and not to think too far a head until I have a reason to!  This is hard for me, as someone who is a planner, I don’t like the unknown and this journey is full of them.

Either way I am making strides to do and be my best.  That’s all at this point I can do 🙂