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I had a pretty busy day today.  Since I had my doctor’s appointment today that also meant that I had the van.  So I dropped D off at work had an interesting trip at walmart that I spoke about in not your crafty mom (warning come content is not for children).

Then I met up with a friend that I went to school with back in the day.  We haven’t really talked since high school and I must say it was really fun!  I almost wanted to say screw the appointment!  But that wouldn’t be good!

My appointment went fine, I wasn’t expecting much.  Their scale had me at 279 (that was with a full bladder! Boy did I have to pee but I head it in just incase they needed any samples, of course they didn’t).  Although, my scale at home still read 280.4 (go figure?).

Doctor was much nicer then my other one and I will be switching to her for now.  She said that the thyroid is having a hard time because the blood thinners are counter acting with the thyroid meds.  She said this is also why most likely I am have super slow weight loss despite my efforts and the memory issues.

She retested my blood and told me to call back on Monday.  If the levels are normal I can reschedule and we will go from there.  I figured as much.  I have already determined that nothing further will be done until we get that level normal.  If I can lose weight and feel better than obviously problem solved, BUT if I don’t then well the search begins.  I just hope maybe it is my thyroid but I don’t like the idea of a new search I just don’t have much faith in doctors these days!

After that I just picked up D from work, picked up the little boy I started caring for and went home.  Overall not a bad day.  Hopefully Monday will give us more answers.  If the thyroid is still low then we know it is probably the issue so we shall see 🙂 All I can say is Thank God tomorrow is Friday 🙂