Well I had an my INR appointment today.  It was still low 1.2 (they like it to be at 2-3) so that’s disappointing really because it means I have go back again in 2 weeks.  I hate the frequent appointments.

I also have been getting concerned lately about my memory.  It has been a problem for a while.  I know it can be a number of things, my thyroid, or b-12 issues.  I do know I need to bring it up to the doc on Thursday because I have noticed it’s gotten worse.

I know everyone has moments, it’s hard to explain or maybe I just make it worse than it is I don’t know.  But do know, it causes arguments with Derrick and I often because I can’t remember most things.

Even making notes and such I have to then understand the note.  OR sometimes I am trying to figure out where the heck the note came from (like when did I write this).  This morning for example; I had a moment where I couldn’t access the calendar from my phone.  Meaning I didn’t know where it was.  I honestly almost cried because I just couldn’t figure it out.

I use this thing DAILY.  It was the last straw that officially had me worried.  I just hate bringing stuff up to the doctor because so many times I am just told “it’s normal” and now that I am getting older my age is to blame for everything.  I almost feel like what’s the point? Either way I will say something.

I did notice my appointment was with a different doctor other than Dr.Quack so that’s great maybe this one will listen.  I will update you after my appointment on Thursday.