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I have noticed that since I am now not weigh in or logging my food it just flat out feels weird.  It’s completely up to me on my own to make good choices with out *something* (a scale or my fitness pal) telling me back off.

On one hand it’s super scary because when I have a cookie, or two OR ya know three lol because I am a rebel like that and like to test my limits lol you then wonder did I just gain a pound?

Of course I know the science behind it all, but I find myself feeling odd like something is missing not weighing and tracking daily.  I guess it’s a good thing maybe? I don’t know but it’s weird non the less.

But for those who are wondering, there are still ways to KNOW how you are doing with out a scale….

1. Measure yourself.  I do this once a month.  It lets me know despite what the scale says if I have progress the scale can’t show 🙂

2. Pants, I suggest start with a pair of pants, shorts whatever you like that is already a bit snug and each week, month whatever works for you try them on a gain.

3. Have your BMI tested and retest it….

4. Fitness, You always know when you first start working out things are harder and as you continue it gets easier to do more, maybe measure your fitness level and not the scale.  The purpose anyways is to be healthy the number on the scale never automatically means you are healthy even if it’s in a healthy range.

5. Take Pictures 🙂 Nothing like seeing an old shocking pictures and updating a new one to see wow I have lost weight 🙂