I swear sometimes I become a whole foods/organic snob.  I don’t know why, not like there is anything wrong with whole foods or organic food??? I mean I eat it myself.  While I don’t shop much at whole foods cause lets face it a family on a -tight- budget of 6 whole foods is way way out of budget.

I guess my beef with it sometimes is that it seems because it’s labeled organic or from whole foods it’s MUST be healthy?  While I will say most of it is a “healthier” option I think it’s safe to say that just because it has natural ingredients it’s not always healthy for you.  Lets use say cake for example, you can make cake from scratch.

Yes, for those who don’t know there is a way to make cake outside of store-bought cake mix!  Gasp! Who knew? lol

All natural ingredients you can even make it fancy and use things like coconut flour and such.  BUT does eating cake still for a meal healthy even with natural ingredients?  Probably not.  OR have you ever checked the sodium level, carb level, fat level on these things.  I mean evo is healthy and good for you but in a few teaspoons servings lol

I also think people forget the meaning of “processed” Here is the definition of  food processing

Food processing is the transformation of raw ingredients into food, or of food into other forms. Food processing typically takes clean, harvested crops or butchered animal products and uses these to produce attractive, marketable and often long shelf-life food products. Similar processes are used to produce animal feed.

Okay as you see here even the whole foods market “processes”  some of their food.  The thing Is I am not saying it’s “bad” persay but that maybe some should mark that lil I don’t get processed foods grin right of their face.  Okay that was rude…

I can eat healthy foods and even do so without ever stepping into a whole foods store (which I am not dissing though it may seem like it, we have been we do like it)

Maybe I feel judged I don’t know….. Here is MY philosophy and you can take it for what it’s worth.  While I do support organic fruits and veggies, even when they are not make sure you wash them well.  Aside from that stick to a diet of mainly fruits, veggies, lean meats ya know the things that were already here that man didn’t “create” and also I doubt one will die from little “treats” or unhealthy foods once in a while (but what do I know?).

All in all you don’t have to shop at expensive stores,  infact there are co-ops all over that are great quality straight from the farmers and the food looks and tastes awesome! You don’t have to eat “weird” things…. Look I don’t really plan on eating some seaweed, I am sure it’s great….

I have had quinoa think it’s alright but I ate it for like a few days and felt no need to go back, It’s a process especially when some foods you just are not used to.  However DO try things if you really want to.  I think sometimes you will find things you never knew existed and you like them 😉

So by all means it’s okay to try new things just don’t feel bad if you don’t really jump on the band wagon of eating well “weird food” lol all in all it doesn’t matter a whole lot of the place you shop but that you are putting in your body TRULY healthy things and the other not as healthy things are consumed of in moderation.