I have finally come to the decision to drop out of my other challenge and made a new challenge for myself.  I want to see how I do experimental purposes really.  I have decided that I will not count anything, I will not log my food, I will not WEIGH IN daily for the next month.  I am going to see how I do with only weighing in ONCE a month!

I won’t lie I am a bit nervous about this because normally I need accountability.  I need something to show I am making some progress.  BUT I have found in this journey that with the slow process I think “seeing” the so called “progress” daily is effecting me in a negative way.  I think it’s apart of me wanting to say F it all and just give up.

I don’t want to give up.  BUT I also don’t want to be obsessed.  I see it this way I have been doing this way of life now for like what? four months?  It’s pretty normal to me now and I know what things are good for me and what things are not.  I am leaving it up to me to decide if I should have that ice cream not some program that says I am out of calories then leaving me feeling deprived.

I am hoping that this will releave some stress on me as well… I mean if I am only losing one pound a week why obess over the scale right?  I mean it’s obvious it will take some time before I will lose a pant size, take a picture where “I” see a difference.

I do fear I will gain all I have lost.  But maybe this will be better, it’s like saving your money for a rainy day.  1 dollar a day might not seem like much to some but 30 dollars handed to you in one day does!  It’s weird but it’s a mind thing.

So here is to my challenge.

1. NO Scale time until August 1st (which is 4 weeks from my last weigh in)

2. NO counting, or logging food

Lets see what the next month holds…