Well first off I am happy to report that I have a computer now 🙂 Yay!  It’s my old one but a friend of mine her husband took a look at it and brought it back to life! yay!

So today I weighed in at 280.4 almost exactly 1lb from last week…. Now I will say I have NO clue how I still lost a pound from last week, with all the mac n cheese, taco’s and well other foods that one should probably not consume much of while trying to lose weight I consumed I am shocked I still lost.  BUT hey, I will take it lol…..

I am sorry I have been in such a whiney mood lately.  I think sometimes the amount I have to lose overwhelms me sometimes.  That and I see others being able to lose weight more successfully.  I have always gotten the whole 1lb a week but given the science of my size still, I should have lost a bit more.  BUT Hey, we know that my thyroid hasn’t even been deemed normal yet (I go back on the 19th to re-test) so who knows…. All in all I am still losing.  I just wish I could actually SEE the results.  But I keep telling myself in due time.