I forgot today is the 28th of the month which means it’s measure time!!!!

I won’t lie even though I have lost weight I was a bit worried.  all in all the measurements were not much of course but it’s still down and that’s a huge plus!

The measurements are:


Down .5″ a total of 5.9″


Down .5″ a total of 7.5″

Top Pudge 

Down .5″ a total of 5″


Same a total of 6.5″

Lower Pudge

Down 2″ a total of 6″

R Arm

Down 1″ a total of .5 (went up last month due to swelling)

L Arm 

Down 1″ a total of 1″

R Leg

Down 2.5 ” a total of 4.5″ (previous swelling)

L Leg

Down 4″ a total of 4″ (previous swelling)

That’s a grand total of 11″ for this month and a told of 40.9″ GONE