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So on my birthday I didn’t make my cake, partially because I didn’t want to ruin my weigh in and also because I was so busy trying to find out if we would be able to move that I just didn’t do it.

So yesterday after my 2 mile walk (that I haven’t done in about a month) I came home and baked my cake!

I was going to take a picture for you (and did) but it seems our computer is acting up and it won’t load the photo from my camera so no pictures sorry… BUT I will tell you what it’s nummy 🙂

I apologize about the whining and freaking out lately.  I think it’s because I think I am just done with this weight and also because it’s annoying to see the scale going up and down like it does.  However, I DO have remind myself that I have pretty much had consistent weight loss each week even if it is “just a pound!”.

I think I need to get that mental check that it just might take me 2 yrs to get to goal.  But 2 years means a life time of being fit.  I mean in two years I am FINALLY at goal what are my chances of f’ing up and regaining?  As long as I stay on my meds by then this all is just a life style!

I am not saying it would be impossible to get big again, it’s quiet possible if I don’t watch myself and my health BUT that I think the longer the process takes and you stick with it the longer you will keep it off.  If this was just short-term I might think of stopping or something and we all know what happens when you stop!

So anyways, it’s Inspirational Thursday to all those who feel I just can’t do it…. You can!  We all can!  We just have to keep taking it one day at a time!