Well I did lose 1 pound kind of sucks though because just yesterday morning as I mentioned yesterday is was 277 then creeped up to 282 (284 before I went to sleep) its obvious it’s fluid going by my calculations since my cycle changed to a 25 day cycle for some f’d up reason AF should be here next week….

I am considering bowing out of my other challenge after next week and just weighing once a month on the week there is no PMS OR AF which leaves me one week a month with out some kind of bloat (nice huh?) lol…. At least for my mental well-being this has to be better right?????

I know the purpose of me weighing daily for the fluid issue but I think it’s just screwing with my head now.  Seeing the numbers on Saturday to be down several pounds and then up again by Tuesday despite my eating (what’s up with that?) I just can’t stand it.  I have wanted out of the 280’s for so long and I was and now I am back…..

This process is taking soooo incredibly long.  Yeah I know losing slower is better yada yada yada (let me put a 150 extra pounds, then tell you it will take 2 yrs to lose it and see how you feel) I get it’s “just water weight” and everything everyone says, I mean I do “get it” but still I guess I feel like I am not doing as well when I see those numbers drop and then creep back up!

I want to show my readers look at me go, instead it’s more of the snail moving along and eventually the turtle is saying hurry up already!  I shouldn’t let it get me down, I really shouldn’t I know in two weeks I will without a doubt be out of the 280’s it’s just still annoying!  I just am tired of being fat!

On a personal note we decided not to move after all…. the guy we were working with just seemed a bit shady and while things are tight here it’s nothing a second job can’t fix.  So I am since I am feeling much better going to seek a part-time night job.  Which should put us up!   Anyways, here is to another week ya’ll 🙂 lol