Man, I have really fallen out of taking pictures of my food, seems If I don’t do it daily I just don’t think about it…. All in all though it was a good weekend!  I went to my brothers for a cook out I ate some meat, veggies and fruit and a small handful of fries!  Oh and yeah some smores!  What!? Who can turn down smores you make in a kitchen with one of those stove things that you camp with? lol Not me! It was YUMMO!

Yesterday I did pretty well, took my oldest daughter to see The Hunger Games and then we went to have a bite to eat.  I decided instead of fast food we went to a rib place (at least there I can control some what, what I eat).  I had some chicken, sausage greenbeans and tomatoes (normally I would of gotten the potato salad, cole slaw and mac n cheese and probably some peach cobbler!) BUT this time I just had three bites of cobbler with my daughter.

They had soft serve ice cream too so instead of a cone I got a small cup you put condiments in!  All in all I don’t think it was a bad weekend really.

Scale showed me up a little from Friday though which was a bit annoying (still down though since Wednesday) and then I looked at the calendar and PMS is already here!  ugh so soon…. I have went from a 30 day cycle to a 25 day one and it kind of sucks.  I mean it has always sucked but now I feel like every time I turn around it’s back again lol.

So that might be apart of the gain too because normally I can gain up to 5lbs on PMS so given I am still actually down from weigh in that’s good and progress this week!  So I am fine with it.  Other then that things are great.  I am looking forward to the weigh in on Wednesday!