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I didn’t blog yesterday I had such a busy day but thought I would update you guys on my Hematologist appointment I had yesterday.

First, I was going to send my older kids with their dad BUT the girls wanted to be with me so I thought they would be good help for M for I had to bring the baby.

WRONG, WRONG, WAS I WRONG…. The older ones were worse than the baby I swear….

It began with me getting their 30 minutes early. For most doctors that is a great but when you are on this community plan not so much they still go more so in order of your appointment so that sucked.  Teach me to be early again!

Did my blood work, Chased M around the waiting room (whom she conned people for food lil stinker) talked to a few mom’s with cute babies as well.

Finally got called back and a wonderful thing happened.  Ya know you always dread those doctor scales, not even the digital ones but the old school bar ones where they slide the dial?  You know the ones!

Well that scale had me almost 3lbs LIGHTER then mine! (I later went home recalibrated mine and it was true! wooot wooot!)

I will still save my weigh in for Wednesday but as long as I stay on point the rest of this week it will be an awesome weigh in!

Got into our room where the real fun began.  M didn’t want to be in her stroller, my oldest was at the scale that was in the room (another scale) constantly weighing herself because she thought that was fun (girl glad you like a scale now lol), and then trying to figure how to check her height with the tool attached.

She then made balloons out of gloves, told me how bored she was, at least her sister (the second oldest) was good.  Note to self, bring Katie to appointments but NOT Amy!

Then doc comes in and she wants to still keep playing around in this tiny room….. I thought I was going to go nuts on her!  I was a bit embarrassed but the doctor didn’t seem to mind.

So basically, the Hematologist said he doesn’t believe my clots in my lungs were caused by my blood disorder.  This did kind of shock me.

He feels it’s unprovoked (this isn’t good) which means there was no good reason for the clot (long plane ride, sitting for long periods of time, surgery).

He said the reason why he doesn’t think Factor V is the cause is because apparently it’s rare to actually form a blood clot with it with out other factors.

He also doesn’t think the superficial clot was a factor too.  Interesting.  Of course he said it could all be debated.

He wants to keep me on blood thinners until told otherwise.  He did say that my thyroid is concerning, he was concerned about the edema issue (and said he couldn’t believe the other docs haven’t been as concerned).

He told me to press the issue and make sure it gets resolved.  He said he would like me to drop down to about 30% body fat.  Which he said drops my chances of getting another PE.

Since Derrick and I have talked about having MAYBE in the future (FAR FUTURE) another baby he said that if I get the body percent down they may try me off of the blood thinners however, if I get another clot and I am for sure a lifer and of course if any of my blood work shows anything else concerning.

He did say first things first fix thyroid.  If the edema and thyroid continue to be a problem and I can’t lose weight he said needs to be addressed, but the good news is I AM losing so hopefully that will get better.  He said as I lose the edema should improve.

He doesn’t feel my weight persay caused the clot he just said it was an added risk factor he would like to eliminate.  He was very nice and respectful.  He believes most of the gain is from the thyroid but again concerned about the whole fluid issue and was a bit uneasy that the hospital couldn’t explain it.

But like he said the whole taking me off is if I lose the weight is more so for the baby thing, he said having a baby increases my risk for a clot when you add in the weight on top of that it makes it unsafe (I knew that though) I told him the criteria we had for me to have another baby and he agreed with it.  (even though I could tell he thought I was totally nuts for wanting to have 5 kids) lol It’s okay most don’t understand it. Hahaha.

But besides that all is well I guess, I go back in 6 months.  So not much info, don’t really know why the clot started right now, but the main thing is I am on the treatment for it.  He said for the fact I am improving so well that’s a good sign (walking well and such).  He just fears more clots so the getting of the thinners is iffy and only time will tell.

I will say it was nice he at least listened…. I wish my other doctor did.  Was a little annoyed he wanted to put the swelling on the pregnancy but as I told him that the swelling started BEFORE the pregnancy all the pregnancy did was make it worse but wasn’t the cause!

I don’t know why this is hard for doctors to believe, I guess the only one that would be the one who saw me swelling before I even got prego! ugh.

I still pin point all these issues started after I started taking birth control pills before conceiving M.

I know they say if the pills were the factor that the problem would have went away by now just find it funny my ONLY health issue was just thyroid and of course I get I always had the blood disorder.  But I swear those pills triggered this crap!

Mentioning the other doctor…. So I had put in a request to move facilities TWO months ago.  I was told I should get an appointment 4-6 weeks…. Well TWO months go by and NO appointment.

So I called them and they were like uh, it’s a 6 MONTH wait!  Wait? What? She said it was for all of the clinics, I was like uh no because the other clinic I got in faster, SO I called the other clinic she got me in for July 19th to retest the thyroid.

I am not sure if it’s the same doctor but if it is they said after that appointment I can just request a new one when I schedule my next appointment.  So yay on that!  I really really really don’t like that doctor!  Hopefully my appointment with that clinic will be a more positive one!

And that’s my update!  I am going to see family today for a cook out and swimming so we are all excited.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.