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I know today is inspirational Thursday and honestly right now it’s ME who needs some inspiration.  Upon this journey I won’t lie one of my fears is skin.

While I am in this to be healthier so don’t get me wrong, the thought of having horrid hanging skin every where is not so appealing.

For some the skin almost looks worse then it did when they were big (because then it was just one round blob).

When you lose weight you have this image of being smaller but once the clothes are off there is a land of no return.  SKIN!

This really has worried me, not so much to the point anymore to where I won’t still do this!  Before it did set me back but just more so I fear of the day of being so proud of myself but yet so disappointed in my naked body.

I mean I have had four children and the first one did a toll alone on my belly…. I already had SOME loose skin to begin with.

However, because of the PE and the blood disorder after much research it seems to maybe not be wise for me to do any type of surgery to correct this problem.

Before I thought to myself well if I don’t like it once I reach goal I will make a goal to surgically remove it.  Now that’s not really an option (at least from what I understand).

It’s a HUGE risk for me, I risk DYING!  I mean I guess if that’s my choice of course! I will deal with skin!  It still doesn’t make it any less sucky!

So I NEED some encouragement, People maybe you know or maybe yourself who has lost a ton of weight without a ton of skin left over, or maybe you do have some skin but it’s not “that bad”.  Type deal…..

Is there hope for me to not look like my skin is melting once I reach goal?