Ya know if I gave all the effort I put in the last three days before a weigh in I swear I would weigh so much less right now lol…. So for a recap on Monday the scale said 288.6 I believe lol this morning it was 282.2 that is one pound lighter then last weeks weigh in!

lol And I hate a ton of crap but had to eat on zone the past three days which also told me that I had a TON of water weight! yikes! As they say slow and steady wins the race at this race I will reach goal in like oh 3 yrs….. lol

I went this morning to have my INR checked and it was at 1.3 what gives???? That’s low btw!  Ugh, the guy was like are you sure you didn’t drink, or have energy drinks?  Um, nope I was like infact I even at less veggies then normal because of M’s birthday and Fathers day lmbo.

So I have to go back on the 29th! ugh.  This Friday is my FINALLY FIRST Hematologist appointment!  About dang time! ugh! I swear if they cancel again I will scream at them!   So that’s that 🙂 1lb down, low INR’s, Hematology appointments to come updates! 🙂