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So Tuesday is Health and Fitness….  So yesterday I did not work out BUT did eat MUCH better, did A LOT of peeing lol (tmi) without drinking a lot which tells me I was jam-packed full of fluid (scale has confirmed this as it was about 5lbs less than yesterday!!!).

Anyways, someone posted the quote at the top and it was exactly how I felt today and given that it’s health and fitness Tuesday I still think it fits!  We all know that there are going to be points of what we call “failure” in our journey.  Our lives are dependant on failure for IMO failure is how we learn.

I think we also jump too quickly as I tell my oldest you have to learn how to walk to before you can run.  You also have to fix your MENTAL HEALTH.  I see time and time again people who lose a ton of weight and gain it back.  I think most of us in this journey has done just that.

We do that because we didn’t fix what was broken!  Our way of thinking, our minds!  You have to fix the reasons you are overweight.  I can go on and on about my medical issues and Yes, they have HELPED me get here.  BUT I still play apart in this process.

I didn’t always eat healthy, I never hardly exercised if at all, and I was a huge emotional eater!  Even if medical issues cause gain I helped myself gain even more by not keeping myself healthy!  I cannot help some of my medical issues and most will be life long BUT I can help how I treat my body and take all my meds like directed!    I can also make sure I am doing everything in MY power to make sure the doctors are on top of all of this!

I control my fate!  🙂 Come back tomorrow to see the Wednesday Weigh in 🙂