well I am back on the wagon, riding on the road again (did willie nelson just pop into your head? he did mine!) any-who…. Scale this morning showed 288 eeekkkk…. Must get that down stat!  Which means as of today I am 8lbs from goal (I am assuming some of this is water weight! Oh wait yes, that’s just me wishful thinking trying to avoid the fact of all the crap I last week!).

So back to the daily grind.  I have my fitness pal going this morning, ate my boiled eggs…. check, check!  Mentally I’m doing good, going to exercise too sometime today one check! lol Now on to undue all I have done AND WORKED For the past oh like MONTH!  Who says you didn’t gain it over night obviously has never seen MY body!  I surely gained those 8lbs a heck of  a lot faster then it took me to get them off!

Anyways….. So here is to another day!  Happy Monday!