did I just take last week of bad eating and ran with it to the point I have forgotten just how fatigue and just blah feeling you feel when you eat a bunch of carbohydrate/sugary and processed foods really make you feel…… I have hardly even eaten I think my stomach now just wants to reject it and wondering why the heck am I feeding myself this???????????? Good news AF is gone and I am starting to feel like myself once again.

I am a bit disappointed with myself that I allowed my hormones to take me over like that.  I seriously was so moody and almost mad at the world with no good reason that I just had a F it week!  WTH Misty!!!! You have worked so hard!

I did weigh this morning and I was 286 (mind you I was 281 the friday before last) I won’t lie I was surprised the gain wasn’t more!  LOL but all in all now I have work hard to get down below 280.  Will I?  Yes of course I will I am in this in the long haul.

I just gosh hate hormones.  I have got to figure out a game plan on that next time even if it is just don’t weigh myself at any cost because honestly that’s what really threw me over the edge this time.  I think after my last challenge is done I am going to try to weigh in less and see how that works.

It’s weird because on some hands weighing in daily helps because I can see the numbers change and how I am eating on the other hand if the number goes up and I didn’t want it to OR didn’t expect it to I get depressed.  I see this whole process to be trial an error so we shall see but I need to do something.

I also need to figure out how to get my butt up early in the mornings to run.  I have been hit by the running bug and wanna keep trying but it gets so hot after like 8am and with four kids it’s best I just go before D leaves for work which he leaves at 6:30 am!!!! Which means I need to be up and running at 5:30 am! YIKES…. I forsee a treadmill in my future lmbo.

So anyways, I just felt a need to post as for what I ate Monday well the photo’s below give some idea lol excluding the huge chocolate cake I made for D for fathers day (which is what he asked for).

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads….

Here are some photo’s from the girls bday party! Which btw one of her friends and a few good friends of ours ended up coming and it turned out great!

Sorry it’s not an immediate video I was lazy and didn’t want to resort them from my files on the computer since the pictures are from me and a friend the link has a slideshow for your viewing pleasure! 🙂

The girls Birthday Party