I have no photo’s I have gotten so out of taking the photo’s that I didn’t think about it until half way through most of my food but can share what I ate (I think I remember it all lol)…..
Saturday I had Egg omelets YUM and then I ended up taking a nap I didn’t eat again until later I had some left overs which was brown rice, veggies and some roast. I also ate some cottage cheese with strawberries. so not much actually that day.

Now SUNDAY I went to a bday party, nippled on some chicken, turkey burger patty and hot dog…. BUT THE CHIPS oh THE CHIPS and dips! ugh I had three handfuls lol and of course CAKE! Not small one’s either. I had a tiny ice cream cup. Before the party though I did well, I had two boiled eggs for breakfast, cottage cheese with strawberries for lunch and some soup. I weighed before bed last night I was up FIVE pounds! Surely that’s water???? UGH….

I must chug chug chug the water today OMG I wanted to die…. How on earth does one gain FIVE pounds in ONE day. This morning it was only down by ONE stinking pound. Really???? I bust my butt all freaking week. Lost 4lbs by Saturday to just gain it back in ONE day! sooooo annoyed…. So there ya go what I ate Monday lol…..

I also found out that my grandma passed away over the weekend.  I haven’t seen her in years but it would of been nice if my parents told me!  (they don’t talk to me) I found out from my sister who we don’t talk much either (but for different reasons she is just ubber busy) I found out by her via text asking if I knew.

Seems my dad (who is my uncle if you follow my blog) told my real mom (who is his sister) she then told my sister (who grew up with my real mom) and of course my sister told me (hope you can follow that) lol.  I’m sad about that I wish she could of seen the kids but she was states away and it’s been hard to make that trip.

On the plus side, I did see a picture this morning from the party of course I was just sitting down (which hey are typically the least flattering of photo’s) and I didn’t want to throw up…. I though eh, not so bad….. I look less puffy! so at least something positive for the day huh?