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I was thinking yesterday how I am not as negative these days as I use to be, I started to wonder that, “could it be the negative me is starting to go away”?

I guess apart of the journey of changing yourself you also gain an attitude adjustment. And believe me when I say I have fought tooth and nail against this particular change.
I really did do fear happiness because happiness typically fallows sadness and disappointment. I thought happiness would last a long time.

I have started to learn that it comes in spurts, and that bad things are typically always around the corner. So instead of fearing the happiness and sadness, I’ll embrace the happiness and face the sadness as it comes.

It’s just the way it is. Life happens!

I also this morning stepped on the scale, as many of you know I weigh daily, while Wednesday is my “official weigh in” I am so excited this morning the scale said 281.5 remember my goal by Wednesday is to get to 280!  Will I make or will I not?  Remember to check in to see but right now I am so so so so OMG so happy!  It’s FINALLY starting to work! Phew, it’s only been a few months but already such a journey…..

And now since it is Fun and Funny Friday I leave you with this……

My the force be with you!