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Today I am feeling pretty good, starting to feel like my old self again which is nice!  I was very surprised yesterday.  I went to the grocery store to pick up a few non food items and actually didn’t buy anything for myself.  Normally I get two things a diet dr pepper and a dove bar.

Now I actually don’t mind getting these things and I have noticed they have not effected my weight loss efforts.  I don’t want to deprive myself so I allow theses as treats.  But yesterday I just didn’t want them.  What is more funny is I almost still wanted to buy them because I guess I am just used to it?

I have decided based off of the polls I will have Set themes for each day some are catchy I guess others not so much lol… The themes will also not stop the daily talking about whatever, just an addition to the blog.  It will be as follows:

Monday – What I ate Monday – This will be photo’s of what I ate over the weekend to keep me accountable since I do my most damage then.  I found when taking the photo’s I do better!

Tuesday – Health and Fitness – This will be the day I will post any recipes, health articles, fitness information that kind of stuff.

Wednesday – Weigh In Wednesday – Self explanatory

Thursday – Inspirational Thursday – Quotes, stories I find inspiring.  I noticed near the end of the week you might not be as pumped as you are on Monday during weight loss this is a good day to help keep people on track through the rest of the week.

Friday – Fun and Funny Friday – Anything fun or funny of course 🙂

The weekends I don’t blog much that’s family time so no themes on those days.

So another tid bit to share.  So last night about 10pm D was whining that he was hungry.  I knew he probably shouldn’t be because we ate a pretty decent dinner (BBQ Roast w/steamed veggies).  So I asked him are you hungry because you are truly hungry OR are do you just want food.

He thought about it for a split second, told me to shut up (not in a bad way) and decided to drink some water and go to bed.  I have noticed that both of us to tend to eat out of boredom and habit.  We just want food even though we are not hungry.  I have started implementing the whole drink some water wait an hour if I still want it by then well, then I have it.

Today is raining, I figured I would attempt the shred when M takes her second nap today and I have a butt load of cleaning to do around the house.  I have been lazy and want to surprise D 🙂 Tomorrow is Friday yay!  The weekend is almost here!  I love the weekends I get time with D and that makes it great!