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As you see at the top I have a poll I would like everyone to participate in.  Just doing things to improve the blog and wanted some suggestions.  I was thinking of posting things daily I know my What I Ate Monday doesn’t go all together like Weigh In Wednesday but that’s cause the Monday post is to help keep me accountable through the weekends when I sabotage myself the most!  I think maybe I’ll do a Fitness Friday which still leaves Tuesday and Thursday?  Maybe a recipe day?  Let me know if you like themed days?

So yesterday I decided to go on a walk with the soon to be hubby.  He is a jogger and while he welcomed us to his walk/jog I could tell he wanted to go.  So I told him to go and we will behind him.  He decided to jog for the mile and then jog back to us expecting to leave me dust in the wind….. Well little did he know I started jogging too while he jogged.  Just enough to be not too far back but not enough to be right where he was.

I went about a minute straight of jogging at a time (I know it’s only a minute but for someone who hasn’t ran/jogged in oh I don’t know that is something!).  I felt great too…. Next on list jogging stroller for sure!  What was funny was D would jog to about the next street up and turn around and jog back to us (which again remember I wasn’t too far behind) then all the sudden he started doing full on sprinting.

Here is the funny part.  So we get to about mile 2 (we walked 3 miles) and he takes the stroller over and starts jogging a bit just for fun to see M’s reaction.  (the stroller isn’t made really for jogging lol), and he goes you got to be excited looking at me pretty tired but feeling fine.

I go well I have already jogged.  He goes huh?  I said every time you jogged I jogged behind you.  He goes THATS WHY you were so close to me.  I thought I was getting too slow or something and started sprinting because I felt like I was losing my game LMBO.  (He thought I just walked right behind him) hahaha.  So he felt he needed to push harder because I was catching up to him quickly. Silly man.

It was a good to get out.  We went to Sprouts and got some yummy produce on our way home from his job and I also found these cheese cakes for two so as our treat we ate that after our walk.  IT was sooooo good and sooo worth it and with out the guilt lol.  The walk was great.  I think I am going to make it my daily thing with him maybe.  We normally also do circuit training to inbetween our walks but it was getting dark and we had gnats that kept attaching themselves to my sweating skin lol.  It was time to go home.

Today he has the van so I plan to walk to the store because I need a few items, and then tonight hopefully another walk.  yay!

Oh and the Weigh in today I weighed in at 284.2 which is just a .2 loss from last week!   I am glad that the number is far down from Sunday (I was up like 5lbs).  That’s what I get for self sabotage on the weekends sigh, just imagine the loss had I done better…. Well, can’t think of yesterday gotta move on to tomorrow….. Next week my goal is to reach 280 I know it’s a big goal but I know I can do it….