No one said that you wouldn’t fall…. Now, notice I said fall and not fail.  The reason being is when you fail, it means you have tried something, did not succeed and then stopped trying.  However, when you fall you typically get back up, dust yourself off and continue on.

We all at one point or another will fall, it’s inevitable.  It’s like a pull of magnetic force that even with most will power it cannot be stopped.  You will most likely at one point FALL.  I think that’s because it’s just the cycle.  Sometimes, you need a push to appreciate the journey.

It shows the winner from the losers.  What I mean by that is the winners don’t always win first place but they didn’t give up.  THAT is a winner in my book!

So what have I done since Thursday?  Fallen… A LOT….

I’m not upset or ashamed.  Okay seeing a 5lb gain since Thursday maybe a little.  BUT it was to be expected.  I haven’t tried at all.  I went out for my daughters little graduation in celebration which she chose a buffet lol Of course, I could have ate healthy if I wanted too but I convinced myself this doesn’t always happen (which it doesn’t!).

Then on Friday Derrick was out and it was just the kids and myself.  I was lazy all day and thought eh, what’s some pizza with chocolate sticks…. MMMMMM chocolate sticks!

Saturday, was the picnic the food wasn’t too bad I guess but we didn’t have much choice there, although no one MADE me eat the apple pie…. OR the Roman noodles with cheese that I had several times this week OR the spaghetti with whole WHITE noodles….. OR the um all the ice cream I ate on Saturday night lol…..

So yeah I went a bit nuts.  I won’t lie…..  I think I have figured out though my issue.   Issue number one is cooking.  I really HATE cooking.  I don’t mind it once in a while but to do it all day everyday I hate it, what’s worse is I am not fond of reheated meals either (so normally I never make enough for left overs unless it’s for Derricks lunch!) It’s just a quirk of mine.

With me really watching what I ate, it also required me to cook!  A LOT!  As someone who HATES cooking this sucked!  I did alright for a while but then ugh….. I got to the point where I just didn’t really eat because let’s face I am lazy and flat-out just didn’t want to cook.  So I just didn’t eat (now that makes a bunch of sense huh?).

Then I started to hate chicken, I was eating it constantly, to the point the though of eating chicken made me want to vomit.  I ate chicken before because 1. I do like chicken and 2. it cooks fast.  Except for I am the type that gets burnt out on foods QUICK so this was dumb and I should have planned better for this.

Third is an emotional thing, I hate our financial situation.   Everything is always so tight with barely any room to breathe.  Sure, I am thankful we can pay our bills.  I just hate that we hardly have anything left over.  Not to mention sometimes the nutritional value drops when you try to eat super cheap (which is normally the last week of the month).

Given that I have found that cutting carbs down helped me lose weight that made it even harder so things like beans and rice is a NO GO.  My body will hold on to that like glue no different than if I ate freakin roman noodles!

I also put myself in a mind trap, see even though I am eating lower carb it is just that LOWER carb, it’s not some strict diet plan.  I just eat less of it BUT I CAN still have it…. But to me since the restriction is already there, I have tricked my mind into I am “restricted” and then decided to go nuts on the “restricted foods”!  Not to mention that PMS is a bitch!  I hate it so much I crave nothing but CRAP! ugh!

AND to top it all off I haven’t exercised, walked or anything aside from the picnic day in over a week!

So the solutions to these problems……

1. plan meals that I have already prepped and ready to go a head of time, have some foods that can be frozen and quickly reheated (like cooked meat), suck it up left overs are not THAT bad!

2. I don’t have to “cook” at every meal, find meals that take little to no cooking but is also lower carb!  I know this isn’t impossible.  Mix it up don’t eat the same things over and over again.  LOG what I eat into myfitness pal!

3. DON’T LET EMOTIONS FUEL FOOD!  You emotions are FEELINGS food is NURISHMENT they do not go together!  Find out what all is bothering you and worked toward solving the problem instead of feeding it!

4. NO NEED FOR RESTRICTIONS…. Yes even though I do have to restrict my carbs I am not saying I CANT have them.  I have to remind myself I CAN have stuff just not…… It’s not restriction its moderation!

5. STOP BEING SO LAZY!  Just get off my butt.  I knew once school let out that exercise would be a challenge because then I wasn’t being made to do it, it now was more so a choice!  Well, if I want to be healthy then I need to choose to do something about it and that also means finding ways to exercise!  Get moving and stop just sitting in front of the computer screen all stinking day.  Make myself accountable.

If I don’t like how things are, I have the ability to change them.  I HOLD the cards.  Just because things happens doesn’t mean I still can’t control what I then do about them.  Giving up and failing at this is not an option.

Sure there will be set backs!  BUT that’s all they can be is just a set back.  Then you get back up and move on.  I refuse to be disappointed, or upset for being human.  I will fall, and I will make mistakes.  BUT I CAN do this!  and I WILL!  No I HOPE I will, I WILL…..

Anyways, for your viewing pleasure I did put together some photo’s from our picnic this weekend which the kids had a BLAST and we really enjoyed ourselves too!

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