So AF was here this week….. I figured the lb’s would go up and technically they did (remember I weigh daily) even though I did lose still a pound from last week it sucked because I knew it was supposed to be more. Stupid water retention…. Well AF is gone and the scale was at 284.2 (first of all the lowest I have been so far on this journey!) and second of all that is another 2.8lb loss since Wednesday.  It would have been great if that was on the scale Wednesday.  Now to work my booty off this weekend to get that number a little lower by NEXT Wednesday.  So exciting.

I have to admit I am starting to get a bit excited now…. My next goal is to get at 20lbs lost.  I would consider that a HUGE achievement because my thyroid levels still are not normal (and anyone who is hypo thyroid knows how HARD it is to lose weight when it’s inactive let alone when it is!).  And my health issues.  It seems the lower carb is helping a ton with my swelling too yay!  I find now I don’t swell like I did before on the days I eat lower carbs.  Remember I just try to aim for under 100 (normally I am about 90?).

AND today is FRIDAY and Memorial Weekend. Shout out to all the Troops and Veterans!  We don’t really have any big plans maybe find someone who is cooking out or something that would be nice!  Derrick is home on Monday so I get an extra day with him 🙂 yay!  Today is the kids Play Day at school (full of bounce houses and such) I plan to surprise them after M’s nap by going and visiting with them!  So Happy Friday Everyone and have a Great holiday!

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