So my fiance’ or as I call him already my husband, sent me this email today titled:

This is for your blog:

Ok im sitting at work over hearing someone talking about the weight watchers program. Not that I dis on it but do we not need calories to fuel us throughout the day. This past week I have felt crappy and depressed a little.

So my wifie cooked some fat burgers I eat like two of them plus my veggies even the ones I don’t like yuck. Went to work out for an hour. Come home and lose all the weight I gain in the last four days in one day.

Went from 248- 245….so I ask if I can do this and hold myself acct. why are women starving to lose weight to look like sticks. Me personally I like my Women with curves  and loving rolls on them, I’m a MAN!!! ME LIKE CURVES ME LIKE MEAT ME LIKE FAT AGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!


At first I thought no way am I posting this lol as if I have a “fat loving man” okay so yes this did go through my head…. really he loves me thinner or not but he does like “shape” to his women of any size :). Anyways, then I thought for a moment and said ya know what I will.  I wanted to touch a bit on what he was talking about actually.  See, one thing we have both discovered in this journey that our bodies NEED fat.   While, I am not sure what the girls were talking about at his job because even with WW you can do what we do and not feel like he did.  I think WW is a great program personally.

We have found that with all the low-fat stuff talk over the years I think “I” in general almost became afraid of fat to lose weight!  But we have found actually the total opposite to be true.  Kind of like the carb thing years ago how all carbs seemed to be bad and then we found about good carb and “bad” carbs (I don’t consider them bad just carbs one should eat sparingly).  Now we are both by all means NOT experts but it makes sense if majority of your brain is made up BY FAT that your body NEEDS fat.

The end of the month is always tight for us because we have rent coming up so the last month I swear we tend to eat like college kids or something.  But since us eating well all that was left was mainly veggies and such.  One would think that he and I would LOSE weight eating mostly veggies right? WRONG? Not us, we GAINED go figure.  Then on Sunday we had some Chinese, we lost (go figure again) THEN the next two days back to more of a “clean” diet and we started to gain again (which is mostly water weight but still) and so last night I made burgers, full fat yummy burgers!  And what happened he lost.  Every time we add fat it seems we lose more than when we don’t.

This really was something that we noticed and then when we saw the documentary of Fat Head it all made sense.  Now, we are not saying eating a ton of “fatty” foods by all means. We don’t.  When he says two burgers only one of them actually had a bun (and they were not over sized).  We have learned in OUR journey that a good mix has been working for us, I mean he has lost 25lbs in the past 10 weeks.  Which makes me say “I hate you” in my head but I have my own issues and well our bodies ARE different and well he is man they lose weight differently then us women.

Either way he noticed a huge change in our weight, body and how we felt when we started eating more meat (didn’t care really what kind, we eat chicken, hamburger meat though not much I’m not  fan, shrimp, and even steak).  We don’t eat much processed foods especially to the extent as before, we typically watch our calories, we lowered our carb intake by half (still leaving us with plenty of carbs), we eat nuts, a ray of veggies and fruits daily.

I will say that in this journey I think one of the things that has made this so much more successful is I have a partner.  We work out together at times, we both eat together, we talk about our struggles together, we are just partners in this together and it makes the journey SO MUCH BETTER!  (notice I didn’t say easier!) The journey is always hard but it helps to have support.  I love that he loves me, curves and all.  I love that he is committed with me for us to both be healthy together and I love that he LOVES ME!  Here is to a healthier journey together I LOVE you! 🙂