So this is me this morning notice my sporty nice white bracelet there?  Yep! That is in deed a hospital band!  So this weekend I kept getting shooting pains in my arm, then on Sunday I felt a spot that hurt that felt like a bruise only there wasn’t a bruise and it was a little warm.  I knew immediately what that could me (another clot).  I thought I will see how it feels in the morning.  By morning the spot moved (again not a good sign usually).  So I called my anticoagulation clinic to see what they thought and was told to go to the hospital and have a look….

So Derrick decided to take a sick day and after M woke from her morning nap off we went.  When I got there and the nurse checked me out she mentioned how my arm was more swollen than the other one (I didn’t even notice this).  The doctor comes in and notices the same.  I get a sono, and the tech all the sudden needs to exit the room.  The next thing I know there is a doctor who is now looking at my arm.  He claims I see two, and then says well when I barely press it’s gone.  Then gets up and says well I don’t think it’s a clot and puts two thumbs up!

Wow!  that’s um…. so reassuring…. So we go back to wait for my doc only to have a nurse saying they are discharging me, gave me a script for a medication I find afterwards I can’t take due to my blood thinners and my diagnoses was swelling (which wasn’t what I came in for and THEY found that not me) and how it must have just been inflammation  From what? I ask? Who knows…..

I have found that it seems a lot of doctors just.don’t.know.  While this should relieve me that they didn’t find a clot, my first clot was missed THREE times.  So yeah, I am not in much comfort.  BUT given that my INR was better today that DOES make me feel better because if I DO have a clot the meds should work.  At least I know what to look out for if it’s in my lungs..  Sigh…. I have an appointment with the hematologist next month maybe then I can get more answers on what’s going on?

I know some of the things I have been experiencing is normal for clots it’s just hard to swallow sometimes.  I get so tired so easy now, and working out is SOOOOOOOO incredibly hard.  It doesn’t get easier for me as time passes it actually get’s harder.  It’s kind of like someones starting out being able to do 10 push-ups and at the end of 4 weeks they can only do 1 push up?  One wouldn’t find that normal?  But sadly with clots apparently they say it can.  It sucks!  I really hate it and feel so limited at times.  But at least I feel I am making progress so that’s good.

Weigh in is on Wednesday.  I am not expecting a big loss or anything but totally not expecting a gain either 🙂 so make sure you check back.  Happy Monday everyone!  Hope yours was better than mine!