Sorry for the belated post it’s something that happens when you share a computer, your spouse takes a day off and a new video game (Diablo 3) comes out.

So today I had to go to the clinic to re-test my INR, 3 weeks ago it was right at 2 which they like the number to be 2 to 3.  Today it was 1.6 this isn’t great which means another med adjustment.  Blah.  Blood pressure was up a bit today which I found weird.  Anyways, so the weigh in today showed 1lb lost!  It’s good it’s a pound it would have been much more BUT I had my “free” weekend which caused me to gain oh like 4 pounds.  I had to work my butt off just to get the 4lbs off the past three days.  Sigh…. Oh well… Always next week.  At least it’s another pound down! 🙂