Ya know, I keep thinking I can have cheat days and then every time after the cheat days I say I cannot have cheat days lol….  so this past weekend I cheated I don’t feel too horribly about it but probably a little annoyed now with myself only because now the next two-three days I have to really watch what I eat to just lose what I gained all the while  I am thinking the 3-4lbs I am losing this week could have been 3-4 MORE lbs I lost total.  Instead, I am just keeping myself right where I was the week before by having a cheat day.

I just CAN’T have weekly cheat days that’s all there is to it… It doesn’t mean I can’t still “cheat” but I think I have to stick again with just having small cheats throughout the week!  For me having one or two days where I eat however, just screws up all the work I did all freaking week!  While it’s okay if say I have a party or something and splurge I just can’t splurge every week.  I know plenty that can eat great all week and then the weekend comes eat how they want but I just can’t.  I MUST accept this fact!  I was losing weekly just fine until my cheat weekends!

Tomorrow is my first weigh in for the biggest loser because of the past two weekends. I expect either a gain still of about 1lb (since that’s where I am at right now) OR a maintain.  Eh, it is what it is.  Like I have said before it’s all a learning process.  I am just seeing how my body does with different things.  So note to self if you cheat COUNT it lol and work it into your day…. If you have a splurge only allow them ONCE IN A WHILE lol until tomorrow!…..