Last night my allergies started kicking in FULL gear, to the point I was sneezing so much I lost count!  This morning I then felt like crap!  I wanted to walk more, and exercise more today but after walking about half way home I was beat.

I even considered just going back to bed with M once getting back from the walk but this time during the morning is usually my free time to blog and to have peace and quiet.  I still may work in a nap later!

Mother’s Day weekend went well…. The older three went to their dads, They made me a card and Katie made me a cute picture.   PMS was hitting me hard so I hate a lot of bad yummy food this weekend.  Scale showed up this morning but I expected as much.  I am not upset, weigh in is Wednesday still doesn’t mean I can’t have a loss!

I refuse to feel bad for giving myself things I love as long as I don’t make it a daily habit! lol.  Happy Monday all!  Don’t forget to check back on Wednesday! 🙂