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Well I had speculations that my old scale had done gone retarded! I could weigh myself and then 20 minutes I could be a lb more or less and then an hr later another change it just didn’t make sense.  Heck, one day I peed and GAINED weight lol So thought it was time for a new scale plus the old one was getting old.

So I got this beauty.  Just a simple digital scale, I don’t need nothing fancy.  It did say I was a lb heavier than my old one (maybe I should re-think the old scale?) lol but every time I weighed myself which was a lot and in different places I got the same reading can’t say the same with the old scale which gave me several different readings.

With that said I saw this today and it spoke me…  A little reminder when we step on the scale, remember the number on the scale does NOT define who YOU are!  Happy Friday guys!  I hope you have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies since I am not typically on during the weekends.