I think a lot of us that have pounds to lose has felt this way one way or another.

The Thin Lady Inside

Good day fellow bloggers and fellow fighters!Here we are! Another day! Another opportunity to do things right! If you didn’t do good yesterday with your eating/exercising… that’s all past! It doesn’t matter anymore! Today… we have a new page to write! A new opportunity to do things better! to burn those extra calories we maybe ate … to heal our bodies from the horrible disease of obesity!

Today... I want to encourage myself and whoever is reading to… EAT! I know… I’ve talked about this before… and how “food has scared me” before… such fears led me to eat too little… eating too little has made me feel like “being thin is not for me” and made me look at the thin people like they were enemies! (LOL!) I am probably exaggerating… I didn’t “hate them” or “see them like enemies” but I must…

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